Share your good

What does The Simple Good mean to you? Why?

Submit a picture of your meaning of ‘the simple good’ with the world. Each photo is fed into our classroom curriculum which inspires our students to discover the meaning of good in their own lives.

The story behind the photoblog

Connecting the World Through The Simple Good

This is where the story of The Simple Good truly began – a photo blog. The Blog started with 52 photos originally gathered by our Founder, Priya Shah, and friends sharing their moments of ‘the simple good’ from their travels around the world. In sharing stories of positivity they found connections to all walks of life and soon the blog went viral – the mission of ‘the simple good’ was born.

Check out photos from friends, students, ‘strangers’ and everyone in between from across the globe to remind you that no matter where you go in the world, good means the same to all of us and that is what connects us as human beings.

The Simple Good Photo Feed