Manager of Teaching & Learning

Olivia (Ollie) Tousius

Olivia ‘Ollie’ Tousius holds her Masters degree in Social Work with a focus on Community Organizing Planning and Development with a minor focus in Public Policy. Ollie has worked with The Simple Good for 5+ years as a volunteer and supporter, then as a Board Member and then finally came on as teaching staff for the organization. She brings years of expertise in child development, a strengths based perspective through her experience as a case worker with Heartland Alliance in their Rapid Re-Housing Program. In addition, Ollie has gained expertise in program design and implementation from her previous career as Director of Programming with Cliché Collective. Ollie brings this experience into Teaching Artist supervision in order to support the proposed scope of services for TSG on a daily basis. Ollie has implemented TSG’s curriculum across a wide range of program partners over the past 3 years and continues to implement programming and update curriculum as our Manager of Teaching & Learning and serves as our liaison between TSG and Program Partners. 

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