TSG business series

Through our Social Emotional Learning approach, we offer highly interactive workshops focusing on developing self-awareness, social awareness, self-management, relationship skills and responsible decision making within each workshop. Through this approach, we believe we can build a truly thoughtful and inclusive environment for everyone. We’d love to bring TSG to your company. If you’re interested, have your HR department contact us.

Social Emotional

Learning at Work

TSG’s Business Series uses our expertise in Social Emotional Learning (SEL) to provide multi- cultural competency and diversity trainings to corporate partners to develop a more inclusive, empathetic workplace – just like we do for our youth.

Proceeds from all workshops support providing SEL based Art Programming to youth in underserved communities in Chicago.


Put The Simple Good into practice in the workplace - bring the hope, resilience and relationship-building skills that make our program so impactful to your company to empower your employees with diverse perspectives and positive mindsets.

Cultural Competency

This workshop is tailored for all levels of leadership to critically examine what culture is, understand different types of cultures, and tie varying cultural contexts to develop a more inclusive workplace. Groups will work together to define how their unique perspectives can make them a better, more effective team. With collective art creation, critical discussion, and interactive team activities this is the perfect opportunity to build bridges and create positive community actions in the workplace!

Unconscious Bias

Understand what unconscious bias is, how it manifests in the workplace and most importantly, how you personally can create bias unintentionally. It begins with self reflection and we create a safe space for truth and open expression to facilitate necessary conversations among peers. Participants will walk away with a better understanding of the concepts discussed, how they relate to corporate culture and team dynamics, and strategies for addressing bias.

Designed For You

All workshops and presentations are catered specifically for your needs and relevant topics that are most needed for your workplace. TSG’s goal is to design an engaging learning experience which bridges learning with empathy and understanding to develop a safe, inclusive space for everyone.

Benefits of Diversity in the Workplace


A Variety of Perspectives

Put a variety of world views into one room, and you’ll come out the other side with better ideas


Increased Creativity

Sameness breeds sameness! Employees from diverse backgrounds will bring diverse solutions to achieve a common goal – your goal.


Improved Productivity

Inclusiveness helps break down barriers and reduces the fear of being rejected, not only for who your employees are, but for the ideas they voice.


Increased Innovation

Increased productivity tied with global perspectives improves the capacity to facilitate innovation in the workplace.


Stronger Brand Reputation

Diversity in the workplace establishes goodwill towards your brand inside and outside of your industry.


Global Impact

Diversity is the chance to successfully develop your business in a global market.

Bring TSG to Your Company

The everyday world is increasingly diverse. The workplace can benefit from the fusion of different perspectives by understanding and valuing multicultural competency.